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Jay Calhoun, PE, Vice President, has served as Project Manager on multiple traffic operations and safety projects, and ATMS projects in Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, and Manatee counties. He recently served on the evaluation team to select Tampa's new ATMS software, was Project Manager on the Sarasota County Signal Preemption CEI project, and is currently the Project Manager for the Sumter County ATMS Master Plan.

VIBE was founded in 2013 by Traffic/ITS engineers with over 58 years of combined experience in the transportation industry. VIBE’s staff has provided traffic and ITS planning, design, and construction support expertise throughout Florida and the south eastern United States. Our engineers have a thorough understanding of the various ITS technologies and use this knowledge to provide solutions that best fit our clients’ requirements. Representative projects include the Tampa Bay SunGuide® Freeway Management System, Tampa; Jacksonville SunGuide® Phase VIII, Jacksonville, FL; iFlorida Statewide Corridor Monitoring Design-Build; FDOT District One Districtwide ITS Consultant; SunNav ITS Incident Detection System for the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise; the I-4 Surveillance and Motorist Information System (SMIS) Design-Build, Orlando, FL; Districtwide Traffic Operations contracts in Districts One, Three, Four, Five, and Seven; and Districtwide Safety contracts in District Seven.

Each year, the University of South Florida (USF) Alumni Association recognizes and celebrates the 56 fastest-growing USF Bull-owned or Bull-led businesses in the world. The USF Fast 56 Awards ceremony not only celebrates the success of these businesses, it also provides a forum to pass on lessons to the next generation of Bull entrepreneurs.
Congratulations to Sara and Jay Calhoun and their company, VIBEngineering, Inc. (VIBE), for their recognition in placing second in the USF Fast 56 Awards Class of 2018 on Friday, April 27. This is the second year VIBE placed in the top ten for this prestigious award. VIBE placed sixth in the Class of 2017.
Every year nominated companies are ranked by percentage of cumulative annual growth in revenue for the three most recent fiscal years. To be considered for the USF Fast 56 Awards Program, an organization must have been in business for at least 3 years, have revenues of at least $100,000 for the first 2 years, with $250,000 or more for the third year, and be owned or led by a USF Alumni. All three criteria must be met in order to be considered.
Prior to the awards ceremony, the winners knew they made the USF Fast 56 Awards, but they didn’t know the order from 1 to 56 of where they ranked. After the commencement of the ceremony, those firms which ranked from 26 to 56 were called to the stage alphabetically to receive their awards. Next, the companies which ranked from 11 to 25 were recognized. Then all the top 10 companies were called to the stage and recognized in a countdown order. No one was more surprised than Sara and Jay as they stood on the stage as one of the top 10 companies. Next, the winners from 10th through 3rd place were announced. Finally, and with much anticipation, VIBE was announced as the second fastest-growing Bull-owned business in the world for 2018!
Congratulations to the entire VIBE Team on this amazing award!

Sara Calhoun, PE, President, has served as Project Manager for ATMS design and design/build projects throughout Florida including Lee County, Indian River County, Gainesville, and Escambia County. She currently serves as Pinellas County's ITS Program Manager, facilitating the design and implementation of ATMS, signalization, timing, adaptive, detection, and communication projects throughout the County.

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