Representative Projects:

  • McMullen Booth Road ATMS System Manager – Ms. Calhoun was the Project Manager for this system manager project where she was responsible for the design of improvements at 32 intersections, 13 CCTV camera sites, and 5 DMS installations. She reviewed the existing communications network layout for the Countywide ATMS and made recommendations, and assisted in the device procurement, testing, integration, and evaluation.
  • Jacksonville Phase 8 FMS – As part of this FDOT project, VIBE staff was charged with equipment integration and testing. A facility was leased where the field equipment was delivered and integrated, and then provided to the contractor. After installation, the equipment was tested again.
  • Lee County ATMS Design/Build – After preparing the RFP Package for this ATMS, VIBE staff are providing post-design services to the FDOT. This has involved working closely with the CEI on the design phase of the design/build project. VIBE staff is also providing assistance to the County as the communications network is being designed.

Construction support can take many forms, depending on the needs of the client. VIBE’s staff has experience in all the following approaches:

  • Post Design Services
  • Bid Support and Construction Assistance
  • Construction Engineering Inspection
  • Integration
  • System Management

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