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ITS Planning

VIBE’s staff has extensive experience in planning Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), having developed dozens of Master Plans and other planning documents over the last 20 years. The plans have been varied, including Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS), Freeway Management Systems (FMS), Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS), and Transportation Management Centers (TMC). All have been prepared using the Systems Engineering process and the necessary documents were prepared.

ITS Planning documents have included:

  • Master Plans
  • System Engineering Management Plans/Concept of Operations Plans (SEMPs/ConOps)
  • Communication Master Plans
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) Documents

Representative Projects:

  • Lee County ATMS Master Plan – VIBE staff was responsible for the preparation of the master plan for this 450-intersection ATMS. The plan was developed to take advantage of fiber installations being done by Lee County and by a utility, so extensive coordination was required. Outfitting a new TMC was also included.
  • Pinellas County Countywide SEMP – Pinellas County is expanding their signal system into a countywide ATMS. VIBE staff is serving as the Program Manager for this effort and one task was to prepare a SEMP and a ConOps for the countywide system.
  • Lee County IMS RFP Preparation – Ms. Calhoun served as the Project Manager for this unique project, which prepared a RFP document and preliminary plans for an incident management system. Four bridges cross the Caloosahatchee River in Lee County and when something happens that will impact traffic on one of those bridges, the system will detect the incident and, through a system of dynamic trailblazers, guide traffic to another bridge.
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