Transportation engineering

The staff of VIBE has been involved in many transportation planning projects during the last 35 years. This has included preparing or reviewing traffic impact analyses and Development of Regional Impact (DRI) traffic analyses for dozens of development projects on the west coast of Florida, analyzing the impact of transit on a managed lane facility, and calculating the economic impact of a traffic signal on the operation of a roadway. VIBE’s creative staff looks forward to the unique challenges that transportation planning projects can provide.

Study types include:

  • Traffic Impact Analyses
  • DRI Traffic Analyses
  • Rezoning Analyses
  • Unique Analyses


Representative Projects:

  • Hidden River Office Park – Mr. Calhoun was the Transportation Project Manager for this 3.2 million square foot office park. This included preparing the traffic analysis for each of the project’s four phases, designing a signal for the project entrance driveway’s intersection with the adjoining state roadway, and projecting the impact of transit, bicycle, and pedestrian features on the project’s traffic.
  • Signal Convenience Fee – One of Florida’s counties asked Mr. Calhoun to develop a methodology which would allow the county to estimate the delay on an arterial caused by a signal that served only a single land use. Applying a cost for this delay would allow the jurisdiction to charge the development for the inconvenience they caused.
  • Cape Coral Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Planning Study – Members of VIBE participated in this study, which evaluated 15 miles of downtown streets. The goals were to develop transportation alternatives to enhance the traffic circulation and flow as it related to vehicular traffic, and to provide a walkable environment to improve safety and promote economic growth. Alternative traffic controls were analyzed, including roundabouts. The study area was evaluated for short-, mid-, and long-term improvements. The public provided input through a questionnaire, a website, and four public meetings.

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