Transportation engineering

Client:                      Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (Nashville MTA)
Prime Contractor:    Stansell Electric Company, Inc.
Project Name:         Construction of Transit Signal Priority System on Murfreesboro Pike Corridor
Project No.              2016704

Project Description
The project consists of the construction, installation, testing, and integration of a fully functional interconnected traffic signal system that incorporates TSP technology. The project will include improvements at forty-one (41) intersections along the Murfreesboro Pike Corridor for a continuous 11.7 mile route throughout Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County.
As part of this contract, VIBE is responsible for the installation of the fiber optic communication system. The fiber optic communication systems consist of 80,000 LF of 144 SMFO, 48 splice locations and 41, 12 SMFO drop locations.
The Murfreesboro Pike Corridor is Nashville MTA’s second busiest route with approximately 900,000 trips in one year.
This new Transit Signal Priority System will allow the Nashville MTA Bus system to communicate directly with the new Traffic Signal system to guarantee the bus system is on schedule.

Client:                    Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Prime Contractor:  Barriere Construction Company, LLC
Project Name:       OGFC Lift on I-55 from Louisiana State Line to SR 568
Project No.            IM-0055-01(113)/107554301

Project Description
This project consisted of milling and resurfacing with an Open Grade Friction Course (OGFC) approximately 8 miles from the Louisiana State Line to SR 568.
As part of this contract, VIBE installed a new Kistler Weigh in Motion (WIM) Traffic Recorder station. The installation included directional bore conduit, pull boxes, cabinet, traffic recorder and 8 new Kistler sensors.
MDOT utilizes these systems to collect traffic characteristics information for travel trends, weight trends, pavement monitoring/management, pavement design and emissions models.


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